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The Birth of Milton Keynes: 2 The Master Plan

  • The Birth of Milton Keynes: 2 The Master Plan

The announcement of a new town for North Bucks in 1967 was an important step for the area, and for the country. Traditionally, this was a farming area, serviced by small towns and villages, and, measured against the south of the county, was under-populated. There was much discussion and argu-ment in the years preceding the announcement, and the concept changed from a new town between Wolverton and Bletchley, with a high population density, to a more wide-spread development over a huge area of 25,000 acres. The final decision incor-porated Wolverton and Bletchley into the boundaries of the new town, although it left out Newport Pagnell. Milton Keynes, at the time a small village with a total population of 159, was to be the designated name of the new town. A total population for the new town was projected to be 250,000, a target which has now been achieved. This second volume describes the establishment of thye Milton Keynes Development Corporation and the work of the town planners, among the leading practitioners in their field, who shaped the vision for the future city. This takes the story to 1970.