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A Touch of Purple

  • A Touch of Purple

Seven kings and one queen visited Titchfield. Five others have associations with the village. Edward the Confessor (1003-1066. According to the Domesday Book, Edward held Titchfield. William Rufus, William II (1056-1100) gave the estate of Titchfield to Payn de Gisors. Richard I (1157-1199) took it back from a descendant, Jean de Gisors. Henry III (1207-1272) granted the estate in 1232 to the Premonstratension Order to build Titchfield Abbey. Edward III (1312-1377) shipped his army from the Solent area to France before the Battle of Crecy Richard II (1367-1400) was the first monarch who is known to have visited Titchfield. Henry V (1386-1422) came to Titchfield while preparing for the Battle of Agincourt. Henry VI (1422-1471) married Margaret of Anjou at Titchfield Abbey in 1445. Edward VI (1537-1603) came to Titchfield in 1552 at the age of 14. Elizabeth I (1553-1603) reputedly visited Titchfield twice, in 1569 and in 1591. Charles I (1600-1649) definitely came twice, first with his bride Henrietta in 1625 and in 1647. Charles II(1630-1685) arrived at Place House in 1675, and James II (1633-1701) visited Titchfield in 1686.