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Tour of the Grand Junction Canal

  • Tour of the Grand Junction Canal

This book was first published in 1819. This edition has been reset into a new edition with footnotes, where necessary, to explain references which have lost their meaning after 200 years. The canal is now part of the Grand Union Canal system. Hassall was born in 1767, possibly in Wales, but he lived for most of his life in London. He first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1789 and he earned his living mainly as a drawing teacher. It appears that he was much in demand. During his career he published several topographical books of his engravings, together with a narrative of his travels. His first foray into self-publishing was in 1790, with a two volume “Tour of the Isle of Wight.” The Tour of the Grand Junction Canal, was one of his later books. He died in 1825. The value of this book lies principally in the drawings, which represent identifiable points on the landscape at a distance of 200 years; however, there are sections of the narrative which describe a vanished landscape. The book predates the railways by almost 20 years.