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Woburn Sand Vintage Postcards

  • Woburn Sand Vintage Postcards

Step back in time more than a century to relive what life would have looked like in Woburn Sands, Aspley Heath and Wavendon on the Bed-fordshire and Buckinghamshire border. See the shops, businesses and houses of these inter-connected parishes as they were then, with the local people captured by photographers as they went about their daily lives. More than 200 local postcard images and period adverts have been gathered, not only of local views but also one-off events such as the 1911 Coronation Celebrations. The Edwardian postcard craze really took off in Woburn Sands, thanks to its spa-like reputation for a healthy climate that you could enjoy on your holidays. Several local postcard publishers vied to get the most interesting pictures for sale, sometimes even on the same day as the event had happened. Some views are still easily recognisable today, while others have long since disappeared.